Slot Machine Rules and History

Slot machines are among the most played games generally seen in contemporary casinos, whether they be on land, on sea or online. 

Also called "fruit machines" or "one-armed bandits", these gambling machines were brought out for public use as early as the 1800s.  The first slot machine designs contained several reels, each of which had 50 card faces.  The regulations over payouts were a lot like those for poker: the better the hand, the better the payout. 

Yet players and casinos soon learned that replacing the card faces with symbols was much more efficient.  Even modern slots use symbols such as fruits, bells and "7"s.

Mechanical slot machines have three or five whirling reels.  Each reel has a series of symbols painted on the outside.  The objective of the game is to align matching symbols.  When the symbols line up, the machine will pay the player according to a chart displayed on the machine. 

Don't be fooled: no amount of skill can help players win at Slot machine play.  The reels stop at the arbitrary instant that they choose.  No strategies can help you win or stop you from losing. 

The only true option the player has is selecting which machine to play.  Oddly enough, machine selection can be a difficult choice when one weighs the numerous varieties of Slot machines operating around the globe.

The assortment of available Slot machines is impressive.  Each game has its own specific incentives and charms.  Some machines have five reels rather than the traditional three.  Other games provide multiple paylines, which can step up a player's opportunities to win.  Each individual Slot machine game carries different payout odds, so examine the machine carefully before playing.

Some Slot machines tie into a central computer program that links them up to other machines.  These other machines could be across the aisle, across the country or across the world.  These games usually have progressive odds, which means that the jackpot increases as you keep playing.

Slot machines have always lured con artists and thieves ever since the first cheater inserted slugs or coins with strings.  Nowadays, cheaters resort to using focused microwave pulses to alter the machine's computer software.  Contemporary Slot machines have effective tools to address potential robbers, such as computerized random number generators and currency detectors to check if a coin or bill is counterfeit.

Online Slots are in a wonderful world all their own. The newer, computerized Slot machine formula gives an easy online option that reasonably approximates the live experience.

Although they may not be as attractive to the eye, the diversity of games available is impressive.  Online slots offer a tremendous realistic choice of various Slot games.  Online casinos are perpetually upgrading their software with the most cutting-edge designs in internet play.  Also, many online casinos offer free slot machine game selections to use before placing real money bets!

The internet-based computer programs use random number generators to create results.  The sole tangible worry should be picking out an online casino with a prestigious record.  After all, a player can never be too careful when shelling out their hard-earned cash at an online gambling site!

Remember, slot machines may be a game of extremely hit-or-miss luck, with nearly no player skill needed, but it is also immersed in an ample history. Presently, slot machines comprise about 70% of casino revenues.  A case of "Slot machine fever" can be easy to catch.  Before you catch it, set a limit on your play.  Don't become one more victim of the legendary one-armed bandit.